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September 2, 2013

Support us right now by pre-ordering your copy of the game, the soundtrack and/or other merchandise! You can find these on the right side of this page. All money raised through pre-orders will be invested back into the development of Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame. You can also make a donation by selecting an amount and clicking the button below:


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June 19, 2013

Help realizing Karmaflow by sharing our project trough social media! You can find the links to our social media pages below. This way you can also contribute in making our game a succes!

About Karmaflow

The idea

In "Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame" you take on the role of The Karmakeeper, which makes you responsible for maintaining the balance in the multi-verse. On this journey, you have to travel to different universes where the balance of life has been distorted. Through puzzling and platforming you have to bring the long lost Karmaflow back into these worlds, to drive out the unbalanced Karma that led to the destruction of the guardian spirits of these universes.

Each guardian spirit is voiced by a different singer, who will reveal the story of the Karmaflow universe and how these different worlds came to their downfall, in song. With a sweeping orchestral score performed by the Dutch Metropole Orchestra supported by a full rock band, several ethnic instruments and electronic elements, the narrative of Karmaflow will be told in a unique way. The music in the game will resonate and change according to the player's behavior.

Team Karmaflow is inspired by games such as the Zelda-series, Journey and the darker tone of Darksiders, and is bringing you it's unique take on the puzzle/platform adventure genre for MAC and PC in late 2014.

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Downloadable copy of the game: EUR 10,-


Downloadable copy of the soundtrack: EUR 7,50

Game + Soundtrack

Downloadble copy of game + soundtrack: EUR 15,-

Soundtrack album

Soundtrack album: EUR 25,- (ex. shipping)



Karmaflow T-shirt: EUR 25,- (ex. shipping)


Tarot cards

Karmaflow Tarot cards: EUR 25,- (ex. shipping)



Karmaflow Jacket: EUR 750,- (ex. shipping)



Karmaflow showcasing on PAX East!

March 31, 2014

We are proud to announce we will be showcasing Karmaflow at PAX East on the 11th until the 13th of April! Come visit us and check out the game at the Indie Megabooth! Wish to get in touch with the guys present at the floor? Shoot a tweet to @karmaflowgame For more info check out


Indiegogo campaign extended, cast of singers keeps growing!

August 19, 2013

We have had amazing responses to our Indiegogo campaign so far, and it seems that people are just picking up on our project! Therefore, Indiegogo granted us an extension on our campaign, which is a very exceptional thing! Thanks to the guys at Indiegogo!

Meanwhile, the roster of involved musicians keeps growing, and we have been able to get an amazing cast together, consisting of members of Cradle of Filth, Epica, Dragonforce, Tristania, Amaranthe and more...

Thank you all for your support and check like the Facebook page for regular updates!



June 19, 2013

Dear all, we are proud to reveal more about "Karmaflow" today. We have been working very hard towards this point, and are finally able to give you more details on the world's first rock opera videogame!

In "Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame" you take on the role of the Karmakeeper, and are responsible for restoring the balance in different worlds. In a third person puzzle/platform adventure game you have to find and unleash to long lost Karmaflows. The story of Karmaflow will be told through interactive music, but we need your help in realising this! We have a wonderful cast of musicians and singers who are ready to record the soundtrack to Karmaflow for us. A lot of costs are involved on this part and that is why we started an Indiegogo campaign which you can find here

Once we have our funding together, we are able to hire these amazing musicians and give you the best Karmaflow experience possible: The Metropole Orchestra, Marc Hudson of Dragonforce, Henning Basse of MaYaN, (ex)Metallium, Firewind and Uli John Roth, Ariën van Weesenbeek of Epica and MaYaN, Sander Gommans of (ex)After Forever and HDK, Ivo Severijns of Powerplay and (ex)Kane, Bob Wijtsma of (ex)Xystus and Blaze of Glory and Will Schut.

Please support us by donating on Indiegogo! You can easily create an account there by loging in with your Facebook account. For only EUR 10,- you can claim a downloadable copy of both the game and the soundtrack! Wish to help otherwise? Share this post, like our Indiegogo campaign and Facebook page, and spread the word! Help us realize our dream and make this project come true!


Official Announcement

June 12, 2013

The first step in unveiling more about Karmaflow has been made: the website is online!

We will launch an Indiegogo campaign on Wednesday June 19, 2013. On that same date, more content will be added to the website. Follow us on social media, and come back on the 19th of June to check out our Indiegogo campaign! Through our Indiegogo campaign you can help us in realizing the game we invision. Every Euro is 1 step closer to our goal, and not only will you help us, if you donate €10 or more, you are also ensured of a digital copy of the game and the soundtrack once these are released!


Main Development Team

Ivo van Dijk - Creative Director,

Jordi Lancel - Lead Character Design

Gertjan Krops - Lead 3D

Alexander Sarton - Lead Programmer

Dennis Micka - Level Design, 3D Art

Maaike Ross - 2D Art

Harm van Ballegooy -
Business Coordinator

Bart van Velzen - Project Support

Djerri Nijen - 2D Art

Rick Dekker - Design

Tom Clercx - Lead Animator

Bop Mommers - Programmer

Than van Nispen - Orchestral Coordinator Arranger

Douwe Medema - Arranger

Colin van der Lei - Arranger


Confirmed Cast of Singers

Marc Hudson (Dragonforce)

Henning Basse (Metallium, Firewind)

Elize Ryd (Amaranthe)

Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYaN)

Simone Simons (Epica)

Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth, Devilment)

Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania)

Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist)

Daniël de Jongh (Textures)


Metropole Orchestra

Arien van Weesenbeek - Drums

Sander Gommans - Guitars

Bob Wijtsma - Guitars

Will Schut - Guitars

Ivo Severijns - Bass

Karmaflow Band Announcement Live Shows!

Karmaflow Video Update March

Karmaflow Video Update January

Pre-Alpha Gameplay + Teaser and Introduction video

Introducing: Marc Hudson

Introducing: Simone Simons and Mark Jansen

Introducing: Elize Ryd

Introducing: Mariangela Demurtas

Introducing: Dani Filth

Introducing: Daniël de Jongh


The music you can hear in the pre-production footage trailer!

Vocals by Henning Basse
Everything else by Ivo van Dijk

Free for you to download!

The music you can hear in the "Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame" teaser!

Written, mixed by Ivo van Dijk
Lyrics by Bas Dolmans
Vocals by Marc Hudson (Dragonforce)
Guitars by Bob Wijtsma

Free for you to download!

Screens | Concept Art

  • Pre-Alpha Gameplay footage
  • Pre-Alpha Gameplay footage
  • Pre-Alpha Gameplay footage